Prineville Dentist Creating Beautiful Smiles

Creating Beautiful Smiles



Need a dentist in Prineville, Oregon?  

My staff and I would like to invite you to our dental practice.   We have worked together for many years in Prineville to provide you and your family with high quality dental care.  We prefer a small office so that we can keep our costs lower and pass those savings on to you.  Your appointment times are honored by us because we know that your time is just as important as ours.  Although emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can occur, we work hard at seeing you at the time you have scheduled.

My philosophy for your dental care is to offer you what I consider to be the best choices for your dental health goals.  We do not want you to feel as though you are being sold dental services; we want you to be in charge of the type of dentistry you want.  We will work hard to help you understand your options and make decisions for possible dental treatments.

We are located in Central Oregon in the beautiful town of Prineville, where old town values still exist and family dentistry is based on personal recommendations from your friends and family.  Please talk with them.  We hope you will allow us to help you with your dental needs.

– William C. McClure, DDS
Family Dentistry